• Gelsemium Sem.200 For Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Gelsemium Sem.

Auditory Processing Disorder

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How to Use: Liquid

20 Ml Water & 20 Drops Medicine Twice in a days (Morning and Evening) 1 Hours Before Meal Each Medicine should be taken 10 minutes Gap

How to Use: Capsule

1+1=2 Capsule Different colour morning and Evening before meal (Avoid Alcohol).

APD, additionally called central audile process disorder, is not deafness or a disorder. It suggests that your brain does not "hear" sounds within the usual manner. It's not a problem with understanding meaning.

Kids with this condition cannot method what they hear within the same manner different children do as a result of their ears and brain do not totally coordinate.

Something interferes with the manner the brain acknowledges and interprets sounds, particularly speech. People with audile process disorder (APD) have a tough time hearing tiny sound variations in words.

Someone says, "Please raise your hand," and you hear one thing like "Please haze your arrange." You tell your kid, "Look at the cows over there," and he might hear, "Look at the clown on the chair."


Difficulty localizing sound

Difficulty understanding spoken language in competing messages, in noisy backgrounds, in reverberant environments, or when presented rapidly

Taking longer to respond in oral communication situations

Frequent requests for repetitions, spoken communication “what” and “huh” oftentimes

Inconsistent or inappropriate responding

Difficulty comprehending and following rapid speech

Difficulty following complex auditory directions or commands

Difficulty learning songs or nursery rhymes

Misunderstanding messages, such as detecting prosody changes that help to interpret sarcasm or jokes

Poor musical and singing skills

Difficulty paying attention

How to Use

Gelsemium Sem.200 For Auditory Processing Disorder

Gelsemium Sem.