• Arnica Mon.200 For Barotrauma
  • Arnica Montana


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How to Use: Liquid

20 Ml Water & 20 Drops Medicine Twice in a days (Morning and Evening) 1 Hours Before Meal Each Medicine should be taken 10 minutes Gap

How to Use: Capsule

1+1=2 Capsule Different colour morning and Evening before meal (Avoid Alcohol).

Ear barotrauma is a type of ear damage. It is caused by pressure variations between the inside of the ear and therefore the outside of the ear.

It will cause pain and generally long (permanent) hearing disorder. The middle ear is AN full area between the inner and outer parts of the ear. It contains three little bones that facilitate transmit sound.

It additionally contains the gap of the auditory tube, that connects to a vicinity behind the nose. This tube stays closed most of the time.

How to Use

Arnica Mon.200 For Barotrauma

Arnica Montana